Excited New Big Brother Has Moment Of Confusion During Gender Reveal

Excited New Big Brother Has Moment Of Confusion During Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties seem to be happening everywhere. As this trend continues, we see many families including older siblings in the reveal planning and execution. Not all children understand precisely what is happening. That fact is very evident in our featured clip today. The couple had the soon-to-be older brother helping.

The boy’s primary job for the gender reveal was to pierce the big balloon to release the pink or blue confetti. As everyone watched, the growing family stood front and center before their fireplace. Mom knelt while the young boy held the balloon. Handing him the sharp poker, Mom gave last-minute instructions and told him to be careful.

With a huge smile, the boy seemed eager to help. Once the parents positioned the poker in his little hand, they told him to pop the balloon. With a mighty thrust, the young boy stabbed the balloon with intent. It burst on the first try, and a shower of gender-revealing pink confetti came raining down.

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We hear screams of joy from the watchers as the confetti drifts to the floor. The boy, still holding the poker, is staring down at the pile of pink paper, looking very confused. He takes a step back, still staring at the pile of confetti. His mom kneels next to him. She is excited about the gender reveal and tells him, “It’s a girl!” She asks him if he’s excited. Everyone else is still hooting and hollering with pure joy.

Unraveling The Confusion After The Gender Reveal

What the boy says next silences the entire room. The silence quickly shifted to laughter as the hilarity of the boy’s question sank in. You’ll have to watch the video above to find out what the young boy asked. I know that is blackmail, but you’ll thank me later. If you enjoyed this, please share. Your friends deserve a laugh!

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