Adorable Golden Retriever Carefully Plays With Little Chicken Friends

Adorable Golden Retriever Carefully Plays With Little Chicken Friends

What happens when you plop a happy and rambunctious golden retriever into a yard full of young chickens? These best friends have a blast. The golden retriever bounces playfully around the young chickens, mindful of their tiny size. The video begins with the chickens running around like… well… chickens. The golden retriever is playfully giving chase.

@camilathegoldengal Playing with my Chicken Nuggets….. i mean BEST FRIENDS! 🐓💕 #goldenretriever #fyp #dog #chickens #playing ♬ home – sped up + reverb – pearl & fast forward >> & Tazzy

You can see the golden retriever chasing the chickens but being careful not to pounce on them. The large dog bounces around joyfully but gently, its posture in total play mode. The video’s original poster jokingly refers to the little chickens as “chicken nuggets.” Not to worry, we don’t think this dog intends to harm her little playmates.

The golden retriever’s name is Camila. Her TikTok channel features more videos of her playful antics with her chicken friends. The chickens aren’t the golden retriever’s only best friends; she also has a human child bestie.

@camilathegoldengal Best friends ✨ #goldenretriever #golden #dog #bestfriend #pov #bestfriends #fyp #love ♬ Bundle of Joy (From "Inside Out") – Benny Martin

As Carmila prances around her little chicken friends, she only wants to play. Living with chickens gives the golden retriever fast little playmates to keep her feeling young. She doesn’t get to play with them without supervision. The video below shows that she is watching her friends get a drink, and the caption jokingly refers to her wanting “just one bite.”

@camilathegoldengal Just a little bite.. 🐓💕 #goldenretriever #fyp #dog #chickens #bestfriends #dogs #dontcrydontcrydontcry ♬ Dont cry The Rock – whispering Lotus Berry

Camila’s mom seems dedicated to providing a happy life for her golden retriever and the chickens. Balancing the relationships between different pets can be challenging. Even when your big dog is gentle and bouncy, you must be mindful of its instinctual nature. We hope Camila continues to enjoy her “chicken nuggets” as they grow into full-fledged drumsticks.

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