Bald Eagle Trapped In Car Grille After Being Hit Turns Out To Be One Lucky Bird

Bald Eagle Trapped In Car Grille After Being Hit Turns Out To Be One Lucky Bird

After being hit by a car and getting stuck in the vehicle’s grille, this bald eagle is somehow completely ok! A Maryland driver was shocked when they ran into the bird on Route 4. However, they were even more surprised to find the animal alive and well! Unfortunately, they also found the creature caught in the grille of their car. According to UPI, officials from Calvert County Animal Control and Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene shortly to rescue the bald eagle.

An animal control officer managed to release the bird. Thankfully, despite getting caught in the grille of a moving car, this bald eagle wasn’t hurt. In fact, authorities soon allowed the animal to fly home!

“With teamwork from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, ACO Neel safely removed the eagle,” wrote the Calvert County Government on Facebook. “After a thorough examination, all were relieved to find the bird seemed to be in good health and was quickly released back into the wild.”

A few commenters shared that they had actually been in the area and had seen the accident when it happened. They were relieved to find out that the bald eagle had been rescued!

“Thank you so much for sharing! I saw the car on the side of the road and my heart broke for the eagle and the driver,” wrote one user. “So glad to hear of a good outcome!!”

Another added, “I was driving in the opposite direction and saw this and couldn’t believe my eyes! So happy to know the eagle (and driver) were okay.”

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