Man Brings Home Group Of Orphaned Goslings To See If His Geese Will Adopt Them

Man Brings Home Group Of Orphaned Goslings To See If His Geese Will Adopt Them

When a kind soul discovered a group of orphan goslings, they immediately took the little creatures to a friend’s hobby farm to see if they could get a grown-up goose to adopt them. According to the farmer, adult geese will often take care of abandoned babies. So, he cautiously introduced the little orphans to his pets and filmed the encounter. In no time at all, the grown-up birds marched right up to the fuzzy goslings and gave them a once-over. It wasn’t long before the baby animals were following their new caregivers all over the farm!

Although things were looking good, the farmer pointed out in his clip that he still wasn’t sure if the relationship would take. Only time would tell if these geese would truly adopt the orphans as their own. However, Lost and Found Hobby Farm recently posted an update on the situation to TikTok. Apparently, it worked out perfectly!

@inspired_by_animals Our friend had rescued some baby goslings and gave them to us since we have some geese of our own. We heard that geese make amazing parents and the adults will almost always take in young. This is the moment they met for the first time 🥹. 🎥: @lost and found hobby farm via @ViralHog #gosling #babyanimals ♬ original sound – Inspired By Animals

In the follow-up video, the farmer shared footage of his new goose crew, which included the now-adult orphans. This expanded group of geese could be seen wandering the farm together, clearly the best of friends!

@natedizzie980 Replying to @tejana.63 update on the adopted baby geese!!🥰#hobbyfarmlife #smallfarmlife #merica🇺🇸 #proudafdad #adoptedgoslings#merica🇺🇸 ♬ original sound – lost and found hobby farm

It’s so wonderful to see these once-orphan goslings now living their best lives with their very own goose family! We’re so glad the adoption worked out for these little critters.

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