Potato The Persian Cat Proves Boxes Are Paws Down The Best Toys Ever

Potato The Persian Cat Proves Boxes Are Paws Down The Best Toys Ever

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a silly Persian cat named Potato. Like all cats, he loved playing in boxes. Big boxes, little boxes, plastic boxes — any box. He lived by the standard, if I fits, I sits. One day, Potato found the most perfect box.

It was such a special box. It was the perfect size, and he could hide nicely in it. But then (dun-dun-dun — you have to imagine the ominous music here because it doesn’t translate well) his peace and tranquility were disturbed by a mean ogre!

@potatothepersian Potato got a new box….he also got confused how he kept leaving his new box. @danetutty @Kassy King Designs Exclusive rights https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/1492009 #persiancat #fluffywhitecat #cutecat #floofy #persiancats #persiancatlove #longhairpersian #catsoftiktok #fluffycat #funnycat ♬ original sound – Potato the Persian Cat

The earth trembled, and Potato was jostled around, almost getting jolted out of his most perfect box. But he scrambled back to safety. The ogre was relentless until Potato was finally utterly expelled from his perfect box. It was a devastating loss for Potato, and he quickly hurried off to get away from the ogre and find another safe place to hide. Just when he thought he was safe…

@potatothepersian New #airfryer #potato #catsoftiktok #cat #doyouhavealittlekitty #persiancat #fluffywhitecat #flatfacecat #angrycat ♬ original sound – Potato the Persian Cat

OH NO! Unboxed AGAIN! Having no luck hiding in boxes, Potato decided to cut his losses and try his luck selling ice cream. Unfortunately for him, that job requires you to have customer service skills. As you can see, Potato lacks the ability to offer up ice cream with a smile.

@potatothepersian Potato’s day job is an icecream man, he’s pretty bad at it….#cat #catsoftiktok #persiancat #persiancatclub #flatfacecat #cutecat #catlover ♬ original sound – Potato the Persian Cat

All kidding aside, Potato has a TikTok channel you can follow if you like his adventures.

Who Is Potato, The Persian Cat?

Potato is probably the best cat name EVER, and this 5-year-old cat lives up to his name daily. As a Persian cat, Potato is a floofy boi. His cat parents take him to a groomer, so sometimes you will see him sporting a shorter style, which helps him look great and keeps his floof from getting matted and unruly. If you have ever owned a floofy cat, you know.

The cat parents take super good care of their precious little floof, offering him many enriching activities and interactions. Even though we jokingly referred to his cat dad as an ogre, they love their little Potato. We hope you enjoyed our little fairy tail. Everyone needs a Potato in their life, so please share!

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