A Child With Alopecia Gets A New Wig, Her Reaction Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Week

A Child With Alopecia Gets A New Wig, Her Reaction Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Week

A little girl with Down syndrome and alopecia was gifted a wig by a local hairstylist, and the moment she saw herself with the new look was absolutely heartwarming.

Ten-year-old Klara lost all her hair due to the autoimmune disease, so Tiffani, who owns Wigs By Tiffani in New Orleans, made her a trendy wig, according to an Instagram post by GlobalPositiveNews. A video of the reveal made its way around social media and was finally highlighted by GoodNewsMoment. It has over 3 million views to date—for good reason.

The post shows Tiffani preparing to fit the wig on Klara’s head while Klara’s family excitedly sits and waits. Klara’s excitement radiates from her face as she stares into the mirror.

Before Tiffani places the wig on the little girl’s head, she asks her not to look. Klara closes her eyes so tight that her whole face tenses, and she patiently waits to see her transformation. When Tiffani tells her she can look, Klara opens her eyes and looks shocked. Then, her shock turns into the most precious smile.

“Sweet 10-year-old Klara was the absolute highlight of my week!” Tiffani shared. “She is so special, so beautiful, so brave, so confident, and has the sweetest personality!”

In the video, Tiffani goes on to explain the hairdo while Klara does a happy dance with her hands. But it’s her smile that is melting hearts.

“I got CHILLS when she smiled!!! What a beauty,” one person commented on Instagram.

“Her smile could light up a city , a continent , the🌍 world,” wrote another.

“So sweet,” a commenter gushed. “Look at that smile😘what a wonderful store owner-many blessings.”

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