Beloved Local Celebrity Boo The Bear Officially Out of Hibernation

Beloved Local Celebrity Boo The Bear Officially Out of Hibernation

Residents in Golden, British Columbia, are thrilled that Boo the grizzly bear has finally emerged from his winter nap! Footage from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Boo’s home, shows this local celebrity climbing out of the snow. Once he’s up, takes a moment to examine his surroundings while resting on his hindquarters. According to MSN, the bear’s caretakers say that it will probably be a while before he’s feeling like himself again.

“He still will return to his den; he’s still pretty sleepy and groggy,” said Dominique de Vries of the Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear Refuge.

Dominique added that Boo will likely only be awake for a few hours per day at this point. Unfortunately, it sounds like this grizzly bear’s hibernation wasn’t all that restful due to the weather.

“It has been a fairly warm year over here in Golden, so with his sleep pattern — we’ve seen him in and out of the den a little bit throughout January, and he’s been moving a bit around in the den. So, maybe not the most thorough sleep this year.”

We can totally relate to this sleepy grizzly bear taking his time to wake up after such a long nap! Let’s hope he recovers from his hibernation soon so that he can enjoy the rest of spring.

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