8-Year-Old’s “To-Do List” Reminds Us To Stay Young At Heart

8-Year-Old’s “To-Do List” Reminds Us To Stay Young At Heart

An 8-year-old boy’s viral “to-do list” is reminding us about the important things in life—and to always stay young at heart.

Nashville, TN, native Grace Marrero took to Reddit earlier this month to showcase the list that her nephew, Pax, created at his grandmother’s house. The paper didn’t read like a typical to-do list that normally shows all the mundane chores someone needs to complete. Instead, it listed all the joyful and meaningful things we often forget amid the chaos and stress of responsibilities.

Pax’s list included activities like “play with dad, “be weird, and “be content.” The little boy even reminded himself to be a bit of a rebel and “play loud” around the librarians.

An 8 year old’s to do list (OC)
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“It surprised me!” Grace told Newsweek. “He’s not really a to-do list kind of kid. He stayed the night at his grandma’s. And when he woke up, she was in the middle of making her to-do list for the day. He asked what she was doing and then if he could make his own.”

Don’t Forget That “Life Is Supposed To Be Fun Too”

Other items on the list reminded Pax to play with his dog, Cash, “be helpful to Daddy,” and “learn.” Grace couldn’t help but be touched by the wholesome and simple things kids remember to do that adults often overlook.

“I’ve made a million and one to-do lists in my life and none of them have ever included fun things that I wanted to do,” she continued. “I have 11 nieces and nephews, and they never fail to remind me that life is supposed to be fun too.”

Grace posted the heartwarming to-do list to remind people of the truly important things we need to prioritize each day. She hopes everyone will start being “intentional” about the fun stuff like being weird, “playing games,” and “reading.” She also wants everyone to learn how to be “content.”

“He is a brilliant and bright little spitfire of a person. The list embodies him well,” Grace said about Pax. “He has a constant desire to learn and grow as a person and it comes through in his everyday life, and this list he wrote speaks to that already.”

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