Talented Toddlers: These Kiddos Have Insane Talents You’d Never Expect From Someone So Young!

Talented Toddlers: These Kiddos Have Insane Talents You’d Never Expect From Someone So Young!

We all know them—talented kids who seem to be born with abilities that most adults could never dream of possessing, even with the best trainers, teachers, and dedication in the world. Even if we’re a tiny bit jealous of their gifts, we’re also amazed by them, and we can’t help but marvel over the insane abilities of the human mind.

These tots below possess certain gifts that make our jaws drop. So sit back and learn more about their seeming supernatural abilities that science can’t even explain.

We’d Hire This Musical Prodigy to Play Our Events Any Day!

@steve_tv_show_ Child Piano Prodigy Evan Le! #steve #steveharvey #littlebigshots #show #humor #laugh #viral #fypシ ♬ original sound – Steve TV Show

Meet Evan Lê, a five-year-old who can play the piano as well as or better than pretty much anyone—professional or otherwise—we’ve ever known. According to his website, he only started playing at four and a half. He picked it up so quickly that he won his first competition by five when he played Mozart Concerto No. 8 in C major—not an easy piece!

2. This Three Year Old DJ Just Blew Our Minds

@dougiedoge 3 year old DJ made my day 🎧 #DJ #gottalent #sagottalent #talent #djs #fy #foryoupage #fyp #viral #talentshow ♬ original sound – DougieDoge

Most people don’t understand how difficult DJing can be, especially by watching the adorable then-three-year-old named Arch Jnr. The little guy is the youngest DJ in South Africa, which earned him an appearance on South Africa’s Got Talent. In case you’re wondering, he won the Golden Buzzer and then went on to win the whole competition.

Arch is a little older now and he’s still winning awards as a now-full-fledged professional.

3. This Tot is Already Leading a Full Symphony

While we’re proud of ourselves for eating breakfast and changing from our nighttime pajamas to our daytime pajamas each day, little Lyonya Shilovsky from Novosibirsk, Russia, was already so accomplished at the drums when he was three that he led any entire professional symphony.

In the video above, the kid played Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, AKA the Can-Can, without any sheet music. Our heads are exploding!

4. A 2-Year-Old Genius Stands Out Among Even the Most Talented Kids

Isla McNabb has the insane talent of incredible intelligence. At two years old she earned a spot in Mensa after scoring in the 99th percentile on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales. Mensa is a group of over 140,000 people around the globe who score over the 98th percentile on a recognized, standard IQ test.

When Isla earned her card, she became the youngest member of all time.

Kids these days never cease to amaze us with their out-of-this-world talents. Share this story with your kids to prove to them how far they can go if they can unlock their natural gifts.

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