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“A Home with a View” (2019)

“A Home with a View” is a Hong Kong black comedy, produced in 2017 but not released until 2019. The film is adapted from a play called “Family Surprise” by the screenwriter himself.
2019 A Home with a View

The film revolves around a middle-class family consisting of three generations living together in a house to buy installments. By the time the movie took place, this house had already paid for 15 years in installments, and had another 20 years of struggling ahead. An economic breadwinner, a stay-at-home mother, an unemployed son, a protesting daughter and a wrinkled old man who is no longer able to work live in a house surrounded by people on all sides. That noisy neighbor doesn’t go a day without arguing and screaming.

Their only escape is the sea-view window – the only thing that hasn’t depreciated in value since the day they moved in, and the only way out of their cramped life. Whenever the quarrel flared up, the whole family would look at the sea, and calm down. It was still peaceful until one day, they looked out of the window and looked at the sea, but instead of seeing the sea, they saw a sign… a giant advertisement installed on the roof of the building next to it blocked the view of the sea. . And their arduous work to see the sea begins.

“A Home with a View” reminds me of a joke like this: In Hong Kong, if you have a good car, you will not be rich, but if you have a lawn mower, you are a rich man. Population pressure causes the average number of living areas of residents here to decrease day by day; Tiny coffin houses where everything is crammed as if it wants to burst has become a “specialty” that is handed down.

This movie also reminds me of another Hong Kong movie made in 2010 called “Dream Home”. “Dream Home” is about an office worker with a desperate desire to buy a house of his own. But that seemingly righteous desire is trampled over and over again, pushing the woman to a final desperate choice. And if “Dream Home” is a nightmare a person must go through to have a dream home, “A Home with a View” is another nightmare, when the house is already in hand but the dream life is still there. in that house, he/she still cannot touch. Two films, two life scenes struggling, but perfectly connected together like two stages on the same life.

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