January 19, 2022 10:35 pm

Equals – The power of emotions

Exploiting a topic that is no longer new – post-apocalyptic, with a typical character type – the different people, but Equals (Vietnamese name: Harmony) gives viewers a different atmosphere. The society that suppresses emotions in the film makes viewers believe that there will be rulers who will seize power and benefit from it. But there is no shadow of politics, or conflicts and propaganda wars in Equals, and there are no guns or scenes of bloodshed because of violence. That society does not need an executive apparatus to maintain order. What it needs to stay alive, is just an efficient and sound health system. The medical staff, in the guise of a force keeping the balance of society, are the sole guardians. Equals paints a strange, but not unreasonable, future – when it is clear that political institutions do not keep people healthy, and wars cause more deaths than births. more kids.

In a way, the society that suppresses emotions in Equals has done a very good job – that is, completely eliminating the cause of instability – emotions. Without emotion, there is no desire. There is no desire, that is, there is no need, and there is no private property. Without private property, that is, the most primitive political system could not have come into being. The word “equals” in the film’s title, if translated as “equal”, would be more suitable for what it represents. An equal society, in terms of needs, status, and gender. Gender – which determines all differences, maintains the existence of all races, becomes a blurred line in the framework of Equals. An individual who cannot define himself, from the most basic – is gender, how to live, instead of exist?

That is emotion. The thing that is always in the human genetic code, the thing that causes chaos, but also the miracle that helps a person really live, instead of just exist. Emotion was also what lit up the gray-white world of Silas and Nia, bringing them together, in amazement and fervor.

All they need to do is wake up, move around, answer the multiple choice questions that appear on the screen about their health status, work, eat, work, answer questions. ask, go home, and wait for the loop to happen again… A dream world for OCD sufferers, when everything is the exact same repetition of a single, unmistakable pattern , including humans.

The love story of Nia and Silas is like a volcano – inside its cold, emotionless shell is a stream of lava that keeps on boiling. That passionate love in silence fills every scene, every frame. A world of their own, in specific scenes, exaggerated by the very thin field of view, barely catching a frown of Silas, or Nia’s trembling lips, or their hands reaching together in fleeting moments of time. Fragments of images filled with emotion are remembered, leaving the outside world in illusory blurs.

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