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“The Mistery” (2020) – A fanatsy series Movie

“The Mistery” is a fanatsy series adapted from the graphic novel series of two authors Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Yes, you are not mistaken. It was Joe Hill of Stephen King’s house. And because the film is adapted from the work of the King family, you will see a lot of “trademark” of this father and son in the movie. The style is both familiar and strange = ))
The film revolves around the story of keys possessing magic that are found by the Locke children hidden in the mansion called “Key House” after the youngest son of the family – Bode discovers a ghost. resides at the bottom of the well house and the ghost tells him the secret of the keys.
Bode’s oldest brother is Tyler – good looking, reliable, the star of high school; his second sister is Kinsey – beautiful, out of the ordinary; His mother is Nina Locke – an architect who repairs and restores houses before selling them to new owners, his father is Rendell Locke – a respected teacher and consultant. Bode’s life in Seattle is a series of daydreams until the whole family is attacked by a psychotic student at school, and his father is shot and killed.
The rest of the Locke family, divided by the death of their spiritual breadwinner, move into “Key House” – the childhood home of her husband and father, hoping to find the rare peace they deserve. worth having.
But as it turns out, that mansion is just the setting that will reveal to them painful secrets about the character Rendell Locke that all four of the small family still miss.
“The Mistery” reminds viewers of the fantasy genre with a bit of horror that immediately “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” (2010) because of its similar thematic keywords. But the interesting and not boring point of the film is the three Locke siblings in their relationship with the people around them, with each other and with their own mother.
All that maturity and maturity, all that kindness… everything shows that they were raised by wonderful parents. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie that builds a father-son relationship of 3 siblings in a family at the same time without a daddy issue.
Through the very behavior of these three brothers, rather than the way they tell about their father, the audience can indirectly love and trust their father as a hero of misfortune. And the mission of the film, is to test that belief in you.
Not only does it build conflicts within the Locke family such as the distance between members, the psychological burdens that each person has to endure and overcome… the film also connects each of those members with a network. complex web of social relationships inside and outside of school. On the one hand, to free the audience from the lonely atmosphere inside the mansion, on the other hand, to give the film interesting side stories.
Season 1 of the series lasts 10 episodes, just neat enough to wrap up the current story of the three Locke brothers, but personally, it still leaves too many plot gaps that, or I have to read. original version to be answered, or I have to wait for season 2 🙂
There is no information on whether the show will be renewed for season 2, but the last episode of season 1 makes me feel as if the show is rushing to finish saying what needs to be said, presenting the hidden tricks in the movie, to “if not renewed, the audience still knows the situation”. Or this is also a way to trick the audience, showing them “Hey, it’s not over yet. Let’s come back next year!”
Of course, this doesn’t affect the previous 9 episodes, but if you calm down a bit, it’s still more fun.

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