January 19, 2022 9:50 pm

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“The Mistery” (2020) – A fanatsy series Movie

“The Mistery” is a fanatsy series adapted from the graphic novel series of two authors Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Yes, you are not mistaken. It was Joe Hill of Stephen King’s house. And because the film is adapted from the work of the King family, you will see a lot of “trademark” of this father and son in the […]

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Equals – The power of emotions

Exploiting a topic that is no longer new – post-apocalyptic, with a typical character type – the different people, but Equals (Vietnamese name: Harmony) gives viewers a different atmosphere. The society that suppresses emotions in the film makes viewers believe that there will be rulers who will seize power and benefit from it. But there is no shadow of politics, […]

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“A Home with a View” (2019)

“A Home with a View” is a Hong Kong black comedy, produced in 2017 but not released until 2019. The film is adapted from a play called “Family Surprise” by the screenwriter himself. 2019 A Home with a View The film revolves around a middle-class family consisting of three generations living together in a house to buy installments. By the […]

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The review of “Bird Dropbox” (2018)

In “Bird Dropbox”, the world is attacked by a mysterious entity that no one can describe, because mortals have seen it, they will find ways to commit suicide right after. The challenge for pregnant mother Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) is to survive the first attack, and five years later, to find a way to bring her babies to a […]

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