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Caged Dogs Were Left With The Garbage After Their Family Moved Out

Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue volunteer Allen Boartfield received a frightening call when he awoke one morning. In Barstow, California, two little dogs had been observed lounging near to a pile of rubbish.

It turned out that the dogs’ owner had been evicted and, while packing up, had caged them and placed them amid the collection of used clothing and blankets for the morning’s rubbish pick-up.

Fortunately, when Allen arrived at the spot, the two dogs—now known as Treasure and Catch—were still there. But it was clear that leaving the animals behind had had an impact.

She stated to The Dodo:

“They were both frightened to death. Catch didn’t warm up to me as soon as Treasure did.”

Catch gave Allen a couple pinches on the hand because she was confined and desperate to defend her sister, but it didn’t stop her from providing the assistance these canines needed.

Added Allen

“Catch is located not far from Treasure. Catch became so devoted to Treasure that, even though he was still quite terrified, he ran over my lap to be in the same kennel as Treasure when I relocated Treasure to another one.

The two canines were evaluated at Irvine, California’s Camino Pet Hospital after being transported there right away.

The hospital’s rescue coordinator, Hedy Herold, said:

“Catch and Treasure arrived at our door clearly unhappy and heartbroken. Treasure was so enraged that he was in pain just moving, and he was troubling our willing technicians.

Eventually, they had to be separated since Catch got a cold and needed to be treated in isolation. After a few days, Treasure was prepared for bathing and spaying, and since then, she has developed into a contented and gregarious pup.

She is wriggling and groaning in her cage, which we like to refer to as her “chamber,” waiting for me to unlock the door. She even sprang into my arms and kissed me on the face while making adorable noises. I give her a lot of loving touches before I go see Catch.

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