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Dog Was Found Living On The Ground After His Family Moved And Abandoned Him

Eight-year-old Labrador Retriever Larry was left alone by his family. He was stranded with nowhere to go and was forced to remain in the parking lot of a landscaping company across the street from his former residence, where he waited in the mud for months for assistance.

Many kind-hearted truckers came to offer him food and water when they spotted him in these miserable circumstances. One of them made the decision to give the dog an Instagram account, and as a result, Sasha Abelson, the head of the animal rescue group Love Leo Rescue, learned about his story.

We remarked, “Just go close to the dog, we’ll take care of the rest,” as soon as we noticed the posts.

Larry was located by volunteers from that shelter, who then transported him in two hours to Los Angeles. They saw that he had trouble moving around, that his tummy was enlarged, and that his legs were lacking patches of fur.

He was always incredibly grateful to his rescues, no matter what situation he was in.

Larry was transported to the veterinarian, where a benign tumor on the pituitary gland was found to be the source of his Cushing’s illness. After spending a month and a half at the veterinary facility, the rescuers made the decision to fight for the life of the puppy.

Says Sasha

We weren’t sure if he would be able to live with another dog at the time because he was a little melancholy, unhappy, and aggressive with other dogs.

They chose to move Larry to a pet daycare since his tummy started to shrink and he started to fully express his beautiful nature. He also wanted to be among other puppies.

His health issues are under control owing to a monthly prescription, but this has made it difficult for him to find a home because few people want to adopt a dog that requires additional expenses.

Since being rescued, Larry has lived in three different homes, but after some time, he was brought back to the shelter.

Says Sasha

“He’s been really resilient, he doesn’t have resentments, and he still loves people in spite of the times they’ve let him down. He’s simply a content and appreciative dog. He simply wants someone to look out for him and take care of him.”

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