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IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Homeless Puppies To Protect Them From The Cold

In addition to selling furniture and accessories for the house, IKEA employees in Catania, Italy, have started giving homeless canines a place to live.

According to Fox News, people have welcomed stray dogs into their homes in order to keep them warm and dry over the winter.

Recently, as Martine Taccia was shopping at the store, she was shocked to see a pack of dogs curled up on the carpets in a living room.

Martine said to The Dodo:

“My response was utter amazement. It doesn’t happen often.

Taccia discovered that the shop had made the decision to provide sanctuary for the neighborhood’s stray puppies by opening its doors to them. Additionally, the welcome included more than simply a place to stay safely.

She uttered:

The IKEA staff and guests feed and spoil the dogs every day. Some canines have even found families and gone home with clients.

The content dogs can be seen relaxing on Ikea rugs inside the set rooms in a video the woman posted on Facebook.

In the video’s description, which has received over a million views, Taccia wrote:

“A fantastic idea to keep stray pets safe from the elements when it’s pouring outdoors.”

The IKEA store in Catania has undoubtedly left a good impression on consumers like Taccia, even if it doesn’t appear to officially promote its policy of allowing in needy pets.

Beppe Liotta, a different client, was equally enamored with the store’s dog-friendly policy.

When I saw the dogs cuddled up at the IKEA entry display area, I was deeply touched and really happy.

On social media, many people have praised the department store chain in response to the video. Some people upload images of themselves feeding and petting the Ikea dogs.

IKEA has previously worked with Home For Hope on a campaign to promote pet adoption by printing out displays of life-size dogs ready for adoption and putting them in its stores. This is not the first time that IKEA has spoken up for animals.

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