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Gray Aura is a conceptual black metal band from the Netherlands, consisting of 3 members: Ruben Wijlacker, Tjebbe Broek and Sylwin Cornielje.
Zwart Vierkant album is their 4th album, the album is a whole bunch of complex and quintessential tunes I’ve heard this year! The album’s melodies are delicate and magnificent like a pearl palace, the songs are full of emotions that make listeners sometimes want to scream madly, sometimes they want to dance excitedly, then sometimes they want to cringe. like when facing the most lonely grief.
The drums are strong and crazy, the guitars masterful and dense, the vocals scream, wail, music coming from all sides, filling the space throughout the album, but Gray Aura’s music isn’t choking even the tunes are fast, urgent and sometimes full of suspense! On the contrary, all are arranged neatly and strictly, each note in its right place, like a line of pieces. Zwart Vierkant’s music is like a lace of the finest quality: the structure is intricately detailed but the overall finished product is transparent and delicate.

If you combine Morbid Angel’s guitar, Krisiun’s brutal brute force, Sodom’s speed and a bit of Polish black/death influence, you get Cambion.
Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium is the debut album of the band that brings together members from the US and Germany. A fusion of two styles of death metal. The foundation of Cambion is American old school death. The guitar bears the heavy stamp of thrash. Cutting and slashing techniques, running fingers stinging the ears, but very grumpy. Resonating with that is the teutonic thrash of early Sodom to create an album that is both fast-paced, fierce and brutal. A frantic album, but hit very firmly and accurately. The length is less than 40 minutes, true to American death/thrash standards, enough to kill the listener’s ears but not too long to become boring.

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