2 of debut album for this month: Blightmarch & Ephemeral

Blightmarch is the debut album of Chainsword, a death metal band from Poland. A beautiful colorful cover, with music to match the visuals.
Chainsword did not hide the effects of Bolt Thrower on him. Old school death has a war theme. The guitar riff is cold and brutal. Accompanied by the tremolo of black metal so that people will not forget that this is an extremely physical Polish Drum band, the thick bass gives the album both groovy and brutal brutality.
Chainsword’s Vocalist reminds me of Deicide’s Glen Benton. Growl but tall and sharp creates a feeling of both hatred and pain. Chainsword’s melody is very typical of oldschool death, moving smoothly between the heavy rhythms of doom to the skinning blasts. Not flashy but stocky and groov just and decent.

If you like Finnish melodic death, Ephemeral will be a name not to be missed. Their debut album, Between the Glimpses of Hope, is a synthesis of the classic materials of this Nordic country. Guitar is between power and death, full of melody. Magnificent symphonic resonance with a hint of folk metal thrills. And of course, a little sad doom metal is indispensable.
Ephemeral is a combination of names like Mors Principium Est, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow and In Vain. They play more symphonic, but the melody is still bold melodic death. The melody weaves vistas as vast as the forests as far as the eye can see, or the ocean stretching to the silver horizon. The scenery is majestic but covered in a sad, melancholy gray. Very suitable for listening on gloomy afternoons.

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