Cerebral Bore’s memory (pt1)

In the early days of 2011, Vietnamese rockfans had the opportunity to know and enjoy Wormrot from Earache Records through the show Armored Fish I. Earache Records is the record label with many of the most talented underground metal names, and Wormrot is a young but well known grindcore group. Many consider it the most successful contract of the owner Digby Pearson in 2008. Following the success of Wormrot, Scottish death metal rookie Cerebral Bore just released his debut album in August joined the throne. Earache’s house in the last days of 2010.
Founded in 2006, Cerebral Bore released its debut demo disc with 4 songs, titled The Dead Flesh Architect in November, before making a first impression in the British metal scene at the Blastonbury Festival, supporting seniors. Anal Cunt. In an effort to introduce themselves to the metal community around the world, the group was invited to the US to perform after a song was broadcast in New York. On her first performance away from home, Cerebral Bore joined the ranks of Mortician, Deceased and Criminal Element at Mean Fiddler, Manhattan. Also in this show, the late Pete O’Steele of Type O Negative was completely captivated by this young group with true talent.
Returning to the UK, the group continued to tour with Origin, Napalm Death, The Black Dahlia Murder, Brutal Truth among many other names. In early 2008, Cerebral Bore was honored to be invited back to the US for the second time to participate in a metal festival in Central Illinois. Over the course of 6 weeks, from Las Vegas, Nevada to New York, the Glasgow boys have excellently completed their support legs for senior bands such as Suffocation, Devourment, a solid stepping stone for the name of the group. . Not surprisingly, in 2009, Cerebral Bore came to perform in a series of European countries such as Greece, Finland, Russia, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Switzerland…
However, the turning point came for the group in early 2010 when they recruited 18-year-old Dutch singer Simone “Som” Pluijmers after many changes in this position. It should be added that in the past, Simone had a large fan base when making many video clips covering classic death metal songs on her personal channel at youtube with a simple desire: to find a band. This charming combination quickly came to fruition when the debut album Maniacal Miscreation was released in August.
Fans of Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow, especially on the Wages of Sin album, are easily captivated by the incredibly powerful voice emanating from a girl. The same thing happens to those who taste Maniacal Miscreation for the first time without rushing to learn about the band. Strongly influenced by John Gallagher of death metal giant Dying Fetus, Simone showed an ability to use guttural in the deep lows, alternating with techniques commonly found in death metal such as pig squeal, grunt and growl. how much. However, Cerebral Bore’s lyrics are still at a “clean” level, addressing less controversial and “softer” topics than bands playing the same genre. No exaggeration, more than ½ of Cerebral Bore’s strength is the great merit of this 9x singer nicknamed “Som”.
After the intro using the sample from the movie Trainspotting in the song Epileptic Strobe Entrapment, a series of Cryptopsy (Canada)-style blast-beats were pounded like a machine gun into the listener’s ears by Allan MacDonald, followed by a sound. guitar and bass, and finally Simone’s growl voice as if all was ready for 30 minutes of non-stop headbang. Coming to Entombed in Butchered Bodies, the group’s talent is reflected in Simone’s skillful pig squeal technique combined with Kyle Rutherford’s incredibly impressive bassline throughout. Although there are some similarities with another excellent song that is 24 Year Party Dungeon ending the album, it is undeniable that Entombed in Butchered Bodies deserves to be in the top of the best songs on the album. Sang Flesh Reflects the Madness, fans will be surprised to realize the influence of Morbid Angle in every guitar verse of Paul McGuire, opening the 3 most “heavy” songs to end the album. The 24 Year Party Dungeon ending album is the clearest mark in the composition of extreme metal groups: the frustration at the corrupt things in society when choosing Josef Fritzl, the Austrian criminal who has been strongly condemned for many years. first, as the subject as well as the pain that his daughter had to endure.

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