“Wanderers” – A excellent concept album

In 2020, two one man projects, Spectral Lore and Mare Cognitum, together released a split album called Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine. Still, the cosmic theme isn’t too unfamiliar with atmospheric black bands, but this Greco-American duo offers a unique approach. Wanderer is a concept album about nine planets in the solar system. The special thing is that each planet is viewed from the perspective of a human with a full soul, personality and takes on a separate role in the collective. A delicate and poetic content. The contrast between Spectral Lore’s wild, Floydian playstyle with the straightforward, powerful riffs with an American thrash sound from Mare Cognitum. All combined to put Wanderer at the top of most Best album lists of 2020.
Only a year later, with inspiration still too abundant from Wanderer, Mare Cognitum continued to release the 5th album called Solar Paroxysm. This is a concept album about the last days of a dying planet. As the sun was cooling and the geology was decaying, wealth and technological progress became meaningless. A metaphor for the planet Earth we live on. Solar Paroxysm is the angry voice of Jacob Buczarski about the dangers that humans cause themselves. Indifference to environmental disasters, political filth, and individual selfishness and narcissism. It’s no surprise that Solar is Mare Cognitum’s heaviest album musically, and probably Jacob’s best to date.
If you’ve listened to Wanderer, especially the track Mars (The Warrior), you’ll probably find Solar almost a musical continuation. Jacob with his two guitars weaves a universe of sounds majestic and chaotic, frustrating, scary but also seductive and mysterious. All tracks are over 10 minutes long but there is no room for boredom. The melody is very beautiful, liberal and constantly changing. The guitar tremolo and the blast beat of the drums are both standard black metal.
Jacob’s guitar work is truly respectable. Rich in tone but very raw and barren. Reminds me of names like Windir. Grumpy guitar, pounding into the listener’s ears with all his might and malice. Jacob is a guitarist from America and he’s sure we know it. Lots of shreds, long solos, and plenty of stamina, which isn’t common in atmospheric black. That makes Mare Cognitum special. Jacob’s music brings a full range of emotions from pride to anger to grief and regret. From moments of explosion to the eternal stillness of doom. An excellent album for 2021.

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