Slow Metal Albums for the Feb

This is the first Endezzma album I’ve ever heard. There is nothing strange about the quality if you look at the history of the band. Endezzma has been established for almost 15 years. Although they are not very famous, they clearly have the vibe of an experienced band.
The Archer, Fjord and the Thunder is a Norwegian old school black metal album. Aggressive, definitive gameplay of thrash metal. The guitar is rich in tone but very cold and raw. However, Endezzma is not only absorbed in the past. A bit of liberal melodic accompanied by chaotic and wild blasts reminiscent of Behemoth. Typically, the title track of the album creates a ghostly, ghostly space like a church very close to Behemoth’s later albums. Endezzma has skillfully created a variety of his music, from black/thrash to death metal to sad moments like in the 7th track Wild Glorior Death. A not-so-excellent album, but stable and easy to listen to.
YOTH IRIA is one of the most awaited names in 2021. The project was founded by the first 2 members of Rotting Christ. Varathron and Thou Art Lord, the creators of the so-called Hellenic Black Metal. Therefore, there is no reason that As the Flame Withers could be a bad album.
Fortunately, Yoth Iria has lived up to the huge expectations placed on them. As the Flame Withers as the textbook of Hellenic Black Metal. The guitar sounds heavily influenced by traditional heavy metal, liberal, emotional and melodious.

Lots of symphonic and melodic but As the Flame Withers has no room for glitz and glamor. The dark atmosphere with mythical and epic colors covers the album, bringing the majestic and mysterious beauty of occult black. The whole album doesn’t have a single bad track. Everything is neat, sure. Thick, seductive tone. Sharp guitar, delicate solo. A true old-fashioned album, the standard is just impeccable.

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