“Symphony Of The Night” by Ulthima

I entered the enjoyment of “Symphony Of The Night” extremely lazily. The cover with the same name of the album is not attractive but bananas. The only reason I opened it was to get my best friend to stop cursing me for being lazy. And the result is….
A dumbbell falls straight to the head. A storm from the past blew in my face, dragging me back to the 2000s, when my hair didn’t have a single gray hair, when life was simple, dreams were open, and when melodic death was in its good years. Best.
Keyboard by COB, guitar work by Amorphis, a bit of folk heroic Ensiferum. And above all, Nightwish’s cheesy yet irresistible symphonic atmosphere. Ulthima plays standard melodic death like a Finnish textbook. Speedy, full of melody, heroic and extremely catchy. Guitar duo dancing, juggling each other refreshingly. The keyboard runs smooth, sharp, and reeks of COB’s first albums. The drumming is reminiscent of Nightwish’s pirate drummer.
Band: Ulthima
Genre: Melodic Death
Nation: Finland.
Album: Symphony Of The Night
Year: 2021
1. Black Swan
2. Tears of Fire
3. Belegar
4. Daughter of Twilight
5. Beyond the Veil
6. Eternity
7. Dancing with Shadows
8. Ulthima
9. Symphony of the Night
This is an album combined by Simple but intensely energetic and full of excitement. Ulthima does not complicate his music. They play the purest and purest melodic death, opening up a space full of romance and fantasy of mythology. An excellent melodic death album.

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