Albums for the begining of 2021

Anyway, I will officially open 2021 with my first album – Altered Dead. In tune with the general atmosphere of the 2nd year of Covid, when the virus has evolved and is more terrifying.

Returned to Life is a heavy, dirty and crushed old school death album. Guitar with the speed of doom metal, chopping every note like punches straight to the ribs. The melodious melodies, drifting forward like a roller. Altered Dead brings back the classic old school death atmosphere of the 80s and 90s. Not fancy, complicated but standard from start to finish.

2- Theion is the debut album of Malakhim, a black metal band from Sweden. A smooth combination of the magnificent ghost atmosphere of the Immortals or Marduks with the destructive old school death of Northern Europe.
Theion has the typical beauty of the 2nd wave. The atmospheric atmosphere is thick and vague like a dense fog leading to the world of doom. The echoing blast beat creates the chaos and stinging typical of Black Metal. However, Malakhim has not forgotten his Swedish roots. The guitar buzzsaw delivers transformative groovy tunes. Interspersed with Black’s frenzied moments are the steady, slow riffs of old school Death.
Malakhim reminds me a lot of an MGLA, even though they’re a bit “softer” than the monster. A perfect balance between black and death, resonating to create a destructive and ear-piercing album.

3 – Plague doesn’t hide the effects of Death in Portraits Of Mind. The guitar has a lot of thrash accents, hissing like a high-displacement engine, but played at a moderate speed, with a neat riff. The technique is transformed but not too ostentatious, full of groovy.
Of course, as a band from Greece, Plague cannot lack elements of Black Metal. Portraits of Mind carries the beauty of Immolation’s debut albums. Combine Death Metal with the destruction and ghost of Black.
Basically, Plague doesn’t create anything new. They simply recreated the classic elements of death metal of the 80s and 90s. The tunes are old, but never out of time.

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