January 20, 2022 7:43 pm

The review of “Bird Dropbox” (2018)

In “Bird Dropbox”, the world is attacked by a mysterious entity that no one can describe, because mortals have seen it, they will find ways to commit suicide right after. The challenge for pregnant mother Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) is to survive the first attack, and five years later, to find a way to bring her babies to a safe haven. Between those two timelines, there is an intense psychological battle, which I would like to dedicate the discovery part to for those of you who have not watched.

In my position, as a viewer, it would be quite difficult to write about Bird Dropbox without mentioning A Quiet Place. Because two films, one adapting an original script, one directed by a female director and one directed by a male director in relation to each other, have shown quite a few differences that make the two unique and unique. work.

Bird Dropbox exploited two parallel storylines that took place five years apart, each representing a different type of scenario building. The first outbreak saw a group of people trapped in their own shelters, trying to survive – the kind of scenario often seen in films that build drama around the bottleneck “Who will survive next?” together”. Along with that “cause” prequel, is the “result” sequel, which is also the ongoing part of Bird Dropbox. This film, like A Quiet Place, explores the loneliness of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world devoid of humans.

The mysterious entity that appears in this movie is also a smart choice of the director (I don’t know if it appears in the original material). It was only a dim shadow falling to the ground, the wind blowing dry leaves on the ground, and it gave those unfortunate enough to see it a compelling reason to die. This entity is different from the alien species in A Quiet Place – an alien species that is super sensitive to sounds and hunts by chasing them.

Of course, people have a saying “where the pot is upside down”. The monster in A Quiet Place is perfect at symbolizing the evil outside forces that a man must face and fight against if he is to protect his small family. It was perfect in that movie, and in fact made me cry many times in the theater.

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