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Man Drives 200 Miles To Save Life Of Puppy About To Be Euthanized

Royce was injured, in poor shape, and wandering Miami’s streets alone himself. Fortunately, he received assistance from a nearby shelter, where he was twice adopted before being promptly returned owing to his waste of energy. After this, the shelter was considering killing him, but a guy showed up and gave him a second chance.

Royce’s new father, David Sebba, stated to The Dodo:

“He must have been adopted because of his attractive looks, but sadly, that beauty also comes with a lot of energy. He is incredibly intelligent and impetuous. Who is the recipe for a dog that requires constant supervision and boundaries!”

David was able to contact Royce as a result of a volunteer at the shelter posting Royce’s predicament on Facebook in July 2017.

By David

“I was very drawn to his genuine grin. It is difficult to describe. The likelihood of getting him out again as a returned dog was low, so I made the decision to adopt him into our family.

David, who was in Orlando, made the decision to go 200 miles to Miami in a matter of hours despite the distance between them in order to find his new four-legged kid.

By David

I can still recall being concerned that I wouldn’t arrive before they closed.

Royce was able to meet this man for the first time thanks to his prompt arrival at the shelter. This puppy couldn’t stop sniffing anything that came his way since he was so appreciative and happy to be free of his cage.

As soon as David had Royce in his vehicle, they set out towards Orlando. Sebba’s wife was shocked to learn that he had adopted her dog without telling her, and the moment she laid eyes on him, she fell in love.

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