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Sick And Homeless Dog Walks Herself Into A Rescue Center For Help

Everyone in the workplace at the Humane Society International (HSI) headquarters in India was going about their daily business as usual. When a very sick homeless dog arrived, she thought—for whatever reason—that this appeared to be a secure, peaceful place to hang out and relax. She so made the decision to investigate, entered in silence, looked for a sofa, snuggled up on it, and fell asleep. Someone eventually became aware of her presence and her dire need for assistance.

Alokparna Sengupta, HSI India’s vice director, said to The Dodo:

If it hadn’t been for the smell, we may not have noticed it. She had scabies and severe bleeding in her ears, which indicated a terrible skin disease.

As soon as the staff members saw the unfortunate little puppy, whom they named Fairy, they hurried to fetch her some food and water, but all the excitement and activity frightened her, and she fled.

Everyone was disappointed that they couldn’t assist her, but when she returned the next day, this time they were prepared.

They locked the front door as soon as they noticed Fairy curled up and sleeping on the couch once more so she couldn’t go again. She then went and fetched her food and drink before taking her to the doctor.

He had quite bad scabies, and it appeared that he had been in pain for several months. She had practically little fur left on her body, she was terrified, it was clear that she needed assistance, and she had a sneaking suspicion that someone in that office was eager to assist her.

Her skin was peeling when I went to pick her up to take her to the doctor. But she is still an angel today. There are no grievances or tensions.

Fairy was taken to the clinic right away to get her mange treated. Fortunately, she had no other health issues than her terrible skin. It was discovered that the Fairy had been in pain for a very long time, and it was unknown why anybody had ever made an effort to assist her.

Says Alokparna

She had most likely been in pain for a few months and was horrified at how she appeared.

Despite her illness and the severe discomfort she was experiencing, this dog was the ideal patient from the start. She never complained or even showed the slightest resistance while everyone in the shelter treated and cared for her. She appeared to be so appreciative to have at last discovered someone who would love and care for her.

Says Alokparna

She has been a very tolerant and content dog. She quickly trusted the volunteers after her second day in the kennel and calmly allowed herself to be washed once a week. We discovered that she was a content and sociable dog after her recuperation.

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