Golden Retriever Makes Instant Friends With Everyone On His Train Rides

Golden Retriever Makes Instant Friends With Everyone On His Train Rides

Huxley is a golden retriever who loves riding on the train. He also loves people and is one of those dogs that can never get enough attention from anyone. He is the perfect therapy dog for people who don’t realize they need a therapy dog. Living in London is wonderful because dogs are welcome on trains, buses, in the tube, and even some taxis. Many hotels around the area are dog-friendly. In a video from The Dodo, Huxley’s owner explains his fascination with people, trains, and travel.

When he wants to meet a new friend on the train, Huxley will stare at someone to get their attention. If the person is across the aisle, it looks pretty normal. If they happen to be seated behind Huxley, the view can be a bit frightening at first.

But not to worry. No one is a stranger to Huxley for long. He will wear people down until he can use them as a pillow. It usually doesn’t take too long for people to get comfortable with the giant bundle of love. His owner does explain that she will restrain him if a person seems apprehensive, which is good.

Huxley has a brother named Hugo, and they travel together. When it comes time to check into the hotel, Huxley is always ready. Hugo usually follows his brother but is more restrained. It is hilarious to watch them standing at a hotel desk with tails going a million miles a second.

Say hello if you happen to be in Europe and see a golden retriever on the train. Always be sure to check with a dog’s owner before approaching. Huxley isn’t the only dog who loves travel, as Tucker also goes on vacation with his family. If you enjoyed Huxley’s adventures, please share this story.

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