Stoic “Statue” Can’t Help But Break Character When Toddler Comes In For A Hug

Stoic “Statue” Can’t Help But Break Character When Toddler Comes In For A Hug

People posing as statues is nothing new. In the TV series “Monk,” a statue man witnessed a bank robbery. Sometimes, people pose as statues to prank others. One actor working as a living statue trained his dog to pose with him. But what happens when a child approaches a “statue” to get a hug? If you’re like this statue, you break character and hug back.


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While walking with his mom, Cody saw a man posing as a statue on a nearby bench. Once the toddler saw the statue, there was no holding him back. Cody wanted to hug the statue, so he hurried toward the statue man with his arms outstretched. Toddler hug mode is activated!

We are unsure if Cody knew that the statue was a real man. When he reached the bench, he leaned in to hug the statue. Everyone watching melted at the sweet scene. Admit it. You said, “Awwww,” watching the video. The moment was precious. But after he made contact, Cody leaned back a bit. We think that is when he realized this statue was slightly different.

The man couldn’t hold his pose with all that adorableness happening. The statue broke character, first reaching for Cody’s head. A second later, the two were in full-blown hug mode. The statue man wrapped both arms around Cody, who leaned back into the hug. The moment was short, but the feeling of watching a statue break character to return a hug will last forever.

When actors portray statues, it is hard not to break character. Who can resist that adorable hug? The man did the only thing he could in that situation. How would you have reacted?

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