Sweet Footage Shows Amputee Goat In Wheelchair’s Bond With Her Parents

Sweet Footage Shows Amputee Goat In Wheelchair’s Bond With Her Parents

After losing her back legs, this amputee goat was having a tough time adjusting. Thankfully, The Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary stepped in and turned her life around! They not only adopted Lolli the goat, but they also got her a wheelchair to help her get around more easily. This incredible sanctuary even adopted her parents so that she wouldn’t be lonely! Now, Lolli hangs out with her mom and dad all the time. CBS News shared footage of the happy family on TikTok, and it’s just too precious!

In the video, the amputee goat and her parents are all standing close together, nuzzling each other sweetly. Commenters couldn’t get over how adorable the family looked together!


This goat was born on a freezing cold day and needed both of her back feet amputated due to frostbite. But she was rescued with her mom, and they were later reunited with her dad. And now, they're clearly inseparable ❤️

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“Why can’t ALL humans love like this…” wrote one user.

On their website, The Gentle Barn shared that life was pretty rough for Lolli before they took her in. Because this little amputee couldn’t run like the other goats, she was often left behind. She didn’t like being alone! That’s why the animal sanctuary was so thrilled to be able to adopt Lolli’s parents after bringing her home.

It’s amazing to see everything the animal sanctuary has done for this amputee goat. If you want to support their efforts, you can sponsor a goat at The Gentle Barn online!

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